Stepping on to Adversities Gracefully

Physical Health and Wellness

South Africa is facing a quadruple burden of diseases due to HIV/AIDS, TB, Chronic Disease related mostly to unhealthy lifestyles as well as injuries. It is estimated that almost 7 million South Africans are living with HIV which is the highest prevalence rate in the world, while TB continues to be the leading cause of death, especially among HIV positive persons.

Our services

We offer our clients a complete suite of integrated solutions and services in the following segments:

Employee health and wellness

Our integrated Health and Wellness Program is designed to create an enabling environment by providing health and wellness services that enhance mental health and physical wellness

Onsite counselling

We live in demanding and stressful times and often people struggle to cope and may suffer from Stress, Anxiety and Depression. Issues of broken families, domestic violence

Occupational health and safety

Our goal in regards to occupational health and safety is to ensure that the work environment of our clients is safe and healthy and that health and safety issues

Social Facilitation and Stakeholder Engagements

Social facilitation is central to the construction and maintenance of projects and ensures that there is coordination and linkages among stakeholders.    For this reason, where necessary

Corporate Social Responsibility/investment

The biggest question facing organizations involved in corporate social responsibility is … “How do we know if we are moving the needle of transformation?” High Heelers (PTY) LTD through the STOPLIGHT methodology assists  companies and support organisations

Skills Development and Coaching

At High Heelers (PTY) LTD we believe that knowledge is power thus, when people are capacitated with the right knowledge, they can make better decision concerning their health and wellbeing

About Us

High Heelers (PTY) LTD is a 100% black woman owned company offering health, wellness, occupational health and safety, community work services, training and development and coaching services. With years of experience, the company has grown in capacity, in reach and in skilfulness under the leadership of the Managing Director, Ms. Fortunate Mokoena.